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Buy a villa in Nan, Thailand

Nan is a province in Northern Thailand with an administrative center of the same name. The city is not located by the sea but this absence is compensated by the river. It has a laid-back lifestyle as tourists prefer larger cities, making Nan ideal for retirees and families with children. Real estate in Thailand in this region is represented by low-rise buildings. To those who are interested, houses and villas are offered in Nan.

Prices for villas and houses

The average cost of houses in Nan is fair compared to the cost of real estate in popular resort regions. It varies within the range of USD 100,000. The final price of a cottage in Nan directly depends on its area, the number of bedrooms, the modernity of the building, and the availability of land. Elite houses in Nan with a pool have a higher cost compared to properties without one.

It is also possible for a foreigner to buy a house in Nan as in other provinces of the kingdom. By law, foreigners who do not have local citizenship can acquire ownership of any residential or commercial facility but they receive the land under it only on a long-term lease. Houses in Nan can be seen in the catalog. Prices are available in rubles, dollars, and euros and are constantly fluctuating. They are directly related to changes in the exchange rate, the economic situation in the country, and the growth in demand. Thus, it is advisable to clarify specific prices immediately before buying.

Investment in houses in Nan

Real estate in the kingdom is traditionally in demand among foreigners. Apartments in Thailand, including villas in Nan, are purchased not only as housing for a seasonal holiday or moving for permanent residence but also as an investment. An increasing number of tourists prefer independent travel not only on the seashore but also in other regions of the kingdom. They typically choose accommodation from owners and not hotels or complexes. Investments in houses in Nan are profitable for the following reasons:

  • stable ROI;
  • capitalization of investments.

According to real estate agencies in Thailand, the value of real estate in the country is growing steadily, allowing you to earn in the future by selling it, if necessary.

Houses for sale in Nan

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