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Buy a villa in Buriram

Buriram is a town about 410 km from Bangkok. Its name is translated from Thai and means the "city of happiness" or "peaceful city". This is the land of volcanoes and ancient Khmer civilizations, which is why it is considered an important historical landmark. To emphasize the richness of the local cultural heritage, the locals are engaged in the hand production of Na Pho Madmi silk. A football stadium and racing track were built in the city to attract tourists.

Buriram is a great place to experience authentic rural life in Thailand. Travelers stop here to immerse themselves in this rustic atmosphere and take tours of the ancient ruins. Only here can you see the Khmer sanctuary of Phanom Rung, considered one of the best-preserved Angora temples in Southeast Asia.

Prices for villas and houses

The wealth of cultural and religious sites that annually attracts a flow of new tourists to the city makes local housing in demand in the real estate market in Thailand. You can get acquainted with the average cost of houses in Buriram and the factors influencing this in the following table:

Lot typeVillaHouseCottage
Area 386 sq m 120 sq m 202 sq m
Number of bedrooms 4 3 5
Number of bathrooms 4 1 3
Swimming pool Yes No Yes
Furnishing Full Full Partial
Average price USD 489,000 USD 118,000 USD 362,000

Investment in houses in Buriram

Villas here are in demand not only as housing for permanent residence but also assets for investment. Entrepreneurs fill their portfolios with local properties to resell for greater value over time or to generate rental yields.

Here is why buying a house in Buriram is a good idea for foreign investors:

  • almost all housing offered for sale is well-maintained (comes in a complex with a swimming pool, terrace, and garden);
  • by law, foreigners can buy property without Thai citizenship (in a condominium);
  • the city is a popular tourist area so there is always a demand for rental housing;
  • landlords receive a stable profit of 5-11% per annum.

The current prices of houses in Buriram (in rubles, euros, and dollars) are presented in the website catalog. Here you can also find information about the most reliable real estate agencies in Thailand.

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