Best real estate developers in Thailand in 2024

Best real estate developers in Thailand in 2024

Real estate developer in Thailand offers buyers a wide range of real estate options to suit all tastes and budgets. New developments are popular with both locals and foreigners. The latter often purchase apartments and villas in Thailand as an investment, guided by the stability of the Kingdom's economy, gradually increasing real estate prices, and the development of the country's infrastructure.


The main advantages of buying houses directly from a developer include:

  • Cost advantage. Purchasing an apartment during the construction phase can provide a good discount, and by the time the building is ready for occupancy, and its value usually increases by up to 30% from the initial price.
  • The ability to make changes to the future home. Some companies offer buyers of under-construction apartments and villas a choice of floor plans, finishes or furnishings.
  • New homes are built to a high standard of workmanship and meet modern safety requirements.
  • The ability to purchase real estate remotely during the construction phase, which is especially important for foreigners considering property in Thailand as an investment option.

Largest real estate developers in Thailand

When buying an off-plan projects, it is crucial to choose a proven and reliable builder. This will significantly reduce the risk of work stoppages, delays in move-in preparation and other unpleasant issues.

The largest Thai development companies are accountable to shareholders and clients, and they adhere to strict financial controls. Buying a condominium under construction from a well-known brand is safer because the builder is accountable to a larger number of parties. In addition, large companies have a good reputation in the market. If you buy an apartment or a house in such a complex, you will acquire real estate with higher liquidity and profitability on the market.

The developer’s total assets are an important indicator of its prospects and reliability. The ranking of Thailand's builders based on the total sum of their profits is as follows:

  • Italian-Thai Development PLC
  • HomePro
  • Pylon
  • Central Pattana
  • Karnchang
  • Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction
  • Asian Property
  • Supalai
  • Best Tech & Engineering
  • Thai Metal Trade

This is not an exhaustive list; there are other brands operating in the Thai market that also have excellent reputations and impressive portfolios.

Top 10 construction companies in Thailand

The best developers in Thailand in 2022

Here is a list of the 10 most recognized building companies in Thai. All of them have extensive experience in the local market and a good reputation.

  1. A well-known and reliable real estate company in Thailand with vast experience in real estate since 1984. It has a portfolio of dozens of projects in various categories, offering compact apartments and luxurious villas. Notable projects include Sari by Sansiri, 98 Wireless and Pyne.
  2. Land & Houses. A major brand specializing in the construction of villas and townhouses, as well as land sales. With a high rating and reputation, the developer’s projects include private houses and apartments. Elite properties are sold under the subsidiary brand Quality Houses, known with its excellent quality.
  3. Major Development. A large family-owned developer operating in the Thai market since 1999, specializing in the construction of mid- and high-end condominiums in Bangkok. Its portfolio also includes commercial properties such as office buildings and hotels. Notable projects include the Fullerton and Marque high-rise condominium developments in Bangkok.
  4. Asian Property. A well-known Thai builder of condominiums, hotels and office centers in various price segments with a focus on budget projects. One of its most popular buildings is the modern Vittorio condominium in Bangkok.
  5. Ananda Development. A relatively new brand in Thai’s condominium market. However, its buildings are known for their high quality, stylish design and convenient locations near popular infrastructure. Their portfolio includes the well-known Ashton Morph 38 high-rise condominium in Bangkok.
  6. SC Asset. A reliable venture actively engaged in the luxury residential sector. Major projects include the Saladaeng One and 28 Chidlom high-rise condominiums, located in prestigious areas of the Thai capital.
  7. Noble Development. A construction company that has been operating since 1991, focusing on the property development and construction of mid- and high-priced condominiums. Noble Development's homes feature excellent craftsmanship, minimalist design and convenient locations. Although the cost per square foot is slightly above average, the optimal price for apartments is achieved by reducing their total area. Notable high-rise buildings include Red, Noble Ploenchit, and Remix.
  8. A developer that firmly occupies the mid- and low-price residential niche. Founded in 1989, the brand has a good reputation.
  9. Pace Development. Gain popularity with successful multi-family projects in Bangkok. Unfortunately, it has faced financial difficulties in recent years and its future is uncertain. Nevertheless, the buildings already constructed under this brand are known for their high quality and stunning architecture. Notable projects include the high-rise Saladaeng Residences, Ritz Carlton Residences and Nimit Langsuan.
  10. Pruksa Operating in the budget housing niche and, according to some data, one of the largest in the country. This rare Thai company also operates in the international market with buildings in India and the Maldives.

In the current real estate market in Thailand, there are many reliable real estate developers with a good reputation and successful cases. For this reason, you can confidently purchase properties from builders not included in the above lists. To avoid difficulties in choosing a building venture, it is important to consider several important nuances.

How to choose a builder in Thailand?

The best developers in Thailand in 2022

Let's consider the basic principles of how to choose a building association correctly. Determining whether a company is reliable or not can be done not only through customer reviews and recommendations from acquaintances, but also through indirect signs. For example, if the shares of a certain brand are not listed on the Thai stock exchange, it may indicate low reliability or financial problems.

It is advisable to be cautious with small ventures who have recently entered the market and have few completed projects in their portfolio. However, a young builder does not necessarily mean unreliable. Often, emerging brands offer buyers more affordable prices, good discounts, or advantageous interest-free installment options. Many take the risk of buying under-construction properties from such property developers in Thailand, which can be financially rewarding under favorable circumstances.

Another way to check the reliability of a construction firm is to study reviews of their completed residential and commercial projects. Lists of completed projects can be found on the company's official website or in the directory of developers on our website. Residents of condominiums often leave reviews on online platforms such as Google, Facebook, and others. If you're in Thailand, it's worth visiting several buildings of the chosen brand and independently assessing their technical condition and service quality.

How to choose the right developer?

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a reliable builder, as even large ones are not immune to unforeseen situations. However, by following the guidelines below, serious mistakes can be avoided.

The first and easiest way to secure a purchase is to contact an experienced brokers or real estate companies. Professionals with years of experience in the real estate industry can help you choose a property developer and point out all the pros and cons.

Don't forget to study the company's official website. Typically, all major brands have their own websites where you can find general information, contact details, a list of completed and under construction buildings, and much more. A significant advantage is extensive experience, the presence of large projects and prestigious awards.

Through a broker or independently, analyze already completed residential properties for their attractiveness in the market. This will help eliminate companies that have been working for many years but have only a few unfinished projects. Purchasing an under-construction apartment from such companies, even at a very attractive price, carries the risk of delays in handing over the building for occupancy, non-compliance of the completed property with the master plan, etc.

Let us help you choose real estate in Thailand!

The best developers in Thailand in 2022

Purchasing villas or apartments in Thailand directly = is an excellent way to acquire new housing at an attractive price. Modern condominiums often come with additional amenities for residents, such as pools, gyms, and playgrounds on the premises. Real estate developers in Thailand are also looking to build new properties in areas with good infrastructure or near the coast, especially in resort areas. Investors are offered ready-made rental business opportunities in the form of condominiums with hotel services. Such properties are rented out through a hotel brand, providing the owner with a fixed income.

Most major construction companies in Thailand strive to meet the specified deadlines for building construction, as they value their reputation. Choosing a reliable company can be done through the catalog on our website. You can sort brands by popularity and number of offers for sale. We constantly update the information and add new listings directly from trusted builders. This is important for those who are planning to buy an apartment or house under construction at a favorable price, as the cost will be most attractive immediately after the project is launched. Sorting the search by price, location, total area, and other parameters will allow you to quickly select the optimal property for your future purchase.

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