Jomtien or Pratumnak? What to choose for relocation?

Jomtien or Pratumnak? What to choose for relocation?

Nestled on the east coast of Thailand, Pattaya is an attractive place for holidays and relocation. It is warm and sunny all year round, and the temperature rarely drops below a comfortable level. In addition, the city is famous for its sand beaches and clear seawaters. Here you can practice water sports or just relax on the sand beaches. Jomtien and Pratumnak are popular areas of Pattaya, where you can find high-quality and relatively inexpensive property in Thailand compared to other Asian countries, which many home hunters use a second home or buy-to-live option. Each area has its own characteristics and advantages. Let's have a closer look at these two destinations.


Jomtien: location, infrastructure, property prices

Located in the southern part of Pattaya, not far from the city center, Jomtien stretches along the coast and is bordered by Hua Hin to the southeast and the resort of Naklua to the west. Jomtien is known for its beaches, entertainment options and fish markets. There are many restaurants, bars and other infrastructure facilities for both tourists and residents. Jomtien has beautiful beaches that are less crowded than in other areas of Pattaya. The most famous beach is the 6-kilometer Jomtien Beach.

Sights and interesting places to visit in Jomtien

It will be interesting for every tourist in this area to take a look at the main sights. Among them are:

  • Waterpark Cartoon Network Amazone. The large amusement park features waterslides, pools and Cartoon Network themed rides. It is an ideal option for family holidays.
  • Crocodile farm The Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm, where you can see a large number of reptiles of different species. You can enjoy spectacular shows, and visitors can get to know these amazing creatures better.
  • Seawater aquarium. There are many places in Jomtien where you can observe marine life. One of them is the Underwater World Pattaya aquarium, where you can see a variety of fish species, coral reefs and other representatives of ocean flora and fauna.

Advantages of Jomtien for living and tourism

Advantages of Jomtien as a relocation and holiday destination:

  • Excellent infrastructure. Jomtien houses water parks and theme parks, zoos, cabaret shows, nightclubs, spas, golf courses, massage parlors and much more. Whether you are adventurous, culture or nightlife lover, Jomtien has the right entertainment for any taste.
  • Developed transport network. Jomtien has good transport accessibility and convenient connection with the center of Pattaya. Public transport runs here, including taxis, buses and motorcycle taxis (tuk-tuks). Car and motorbike rentals are also available.
  • Quality medical service. Jomtien has a variety of healthcare facilities: dental clinics, hospitals, pharmacies. Almost all are well equipped and offer high quality service for residents and tourists.

Types and cost of property in Jomtien

There are various types of real estate in Jomtien, including:

  • Apartments, which can start at 1.5 million baht (about $45,000) for a small studio unit or a one-bedroom apartment. More luxurious and spacious apartments in Thailand with two and three bedrooms can cost from 3–4 million baht (about $90,000–120,000) and more.
  • Villas and townhouses. Prices for villas and townhouses depend on their living space, location and design. A small townhouse can cost between 2–3 million baht ($60,000–90,000). More spacious villas with a pool can be bought at the price from 5–6 million baht (approximately $150,000–180,000) and more.
  • Commercial real estate. Prices for premises for restaurants, shops or offices depend on their size, location and other parameters and start from $60,000.

What makes Jomtien special is that it is able to meet the needs of different categories of people. Therefore, foreigners often prefer this particular area for relocation or buying a second home. Despite the abundance of entertainment venues, you can live here in a fairly calm secluded area. Many retirees choose it as a place to live because of the relaxed resort-like atmosphere. This area is also a great option for families with children as it offers plenty of parks, places for recreation and schools with an international curriculum. In addition, there are many opportunities for an active lifestyle, such as sports activities, including golf.

Pratumnak: location, infrastructure, property prices

Known as "Golden Hill" or "Buddha Hill," Pratumnak is an area located between South Pattaya and Jomtien, on a small hill, which offers beautiful views of the coast and nearby areas. The area is known for its quality residential real estate, including new off-plan developments in Thailand and finished projects. Many expats and tourists prefer this place because of the stunningly beautiful nature.

Attractions and interesting places to visit in Pratumnak

The area is home to various interesting spots and landmark sights, including:

  • Botanical Garden Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, which houses a variety of tropical exotic plants. It also hosts colorful shows with elephants, martial artists and dancers.
  • Big Buddha Temple. A huge 18-meter-high Buddha statue is located on a hill in Pratumnak, which offers stunning views of Pattaya and the bay. This is a sacred place, where people come to pray and enjoy the silence.
  • Wooden Temple of Truth on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand, surrounded by greenery. The structure is about 105 meter high.

Pros of Pratumnak for living and tourism

The advantages of the area include:

  • Picturesque coastlines and proximity to nature. The area is located next to several popular Pattaya beaches, surrounded by hills and parks.
  • Developed infrastructure and good shopping opportunities. In Pratumnak there are small shops, supermarkets and local markets where you can buy food, everyday goods and souvenirs. Near the area, there are large shopping malls – Central Festival Pattaya Beach and Terminal 21 Pattaya with a large selection of shops, restaurants and cinemas.
  • Well developed public transport system, making it easy to move around the area and to other parts of Pattaya. You can use taxis, motorcycle taxis (tuk-tuks) and local scheduled transport (songthaews). You can also rent a motorcycle or car.

Types and cost of property in Pratumnak

Compared to Jomtien, housing and commercial real estate prices are higher in Pratumnak, but thanks to beautiful nature and more relaxed atmosphere, many people still choose this place to move to. Here you can buy:

  • Apartments. Prices start at 2 million baht (about $60,000) for a studio unit or one-bedroom apartment. More spacious apartments with two or three bedrooms can cost from 3–4 million baht (about $90,000–120,000) and more, depending on amenities, window views and other parameters.
  • Townhouses and villas. The starting price for a small townhouse is 3 million baht (approximately $90,000). Luxurious and spacious villas in Thailand with a pool cost from 7–8 million baht (about $210,000–240,000).
  • Commercial real estate. The cost of commercial units starts from 2 million baht (about $60,000).

Pratumnak is popular with foreigners. Many people choose this area for relocation, buying a holiday home or investing in property. It is an ideal place for those who are looking for privacy, a warm climate, beautiful nature and facilities necessary for a comfortable life - medical centers and shops.

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