House by the sea: how much does it cost to live near marinas in Thailand?

House by the sea: how much does it cost to live near marinas in Thailand?

An increasing number of foreign citizens are considering real estate in Thailand not only as a place to spend the winter, but also as an option to move to for permanent residence. Buyers often prefer housing near marinas with harbours for parking yachts, boats and other sea vessels. Such a vehicle helps residents travel between the numerous islands of Thailand, become independent of third-party carriers and maintain a unique lifestyle. These properties near the marinas are also investment-attractive, as housing in such areas traditionally appeals to tourists.


The territorial features of Thailand

Although Thailand is famous for its numerous island resorts, it is not quite easy to find an area with a modern equipped marina and housing nearby. First, there are much more buoy and anchorage sites in the resort region than yacht marinas. Second, there are a lot of hotels in most developed territories, especially in Phuket. As for this island, most of it is rocky, so the villas in Thailand in this place are not on the first line, but in the depths of the island. New buildings are rarely built on the coast, making apartments highly-liquid and profitable. Let's take a closer look at the Phuket marinas in the eastern part of the island and explore what the local real estate market offers. Comfortable weather conditions make the territorial location of the marinas more favourable: the eastern part is not affected by storms, so any sea vessel can stay in the marina throughout the year.

House by the sea: how much does it cost to live near marinas in Thailand?

Yacht Haven Marina

The yacht marina has a convenient territorial location: it is a fifteen-minute drive away from Phuket International Airport. The harbour holds up to 320 vessels of various sizes. There is everything you need nearby not only for mooring, but also for purchasing fuel, stocking up water and food for holidaymakers. Prices on the real estate market in this area are as follows:

  • There are various two-bedroom apartments in Thailand of 275 m2 for about $414,500, but the distance to the coastline will be about 8 km.
  • A two-bedroom villa of 155.2 m2 can be purchased for $375,000. The distance to the sea will be about 1 km.

The most affordable prices are for one-bedroom apartments of 20 m2. You can choose an option within $50,000.

Ao Po Grand Marina

The bay at the entrance to Phang Nga Bay can accommodate up to 300 sea vessels. Access to the yacht club is round the clock. In addition to the berths on the coast, there are also yacht service shops, a restaurant, a fitness centre and a swimming pool. Located near the marina, two-bedroom and two-bathroom flats in Thailand can be bought for $172,000. A two-bedroom villa at a twenty-minute drive away from the harbour is on sale for $430,000.

Boat Lagoon

The harbour is 20 km away from the international airport, and the city is 8 km away. There are no residential buildings near the harbour, as the territory is occupied not only by berths for yachts, but also by fuel docks, which in fact does not have a negative impact on the infrastructure of the yacht club. There is the Boat Lagoon Resort hotel complex nearby with fine restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. The cost of villas in this area varies from $685,000 to $980,000. The final prices depend on the location of the property and the number of bedrooms. A flat in a condominium can be purchased cheaper. Prices start at $300,000.

Royal Phuket Marina

This harbour can be called the most exclusive among the others in Phuket. In addition to 350-seat berths, there is the Royal Phuket Marina complex with various types of housing, including penthouses. Prices depend on the type of housing stock and area:

  • two-bedroom flats are sold for $400,000--$450,000;
  • three-bedroom residences are put up for sale for $640,000 or more;
  • four-bedroom apartments are sold for $1.25 million.

The limited collection of villas targets wealthy buyers. You can see ads with prices from $4.6 million.

House by the sea: how much does it cost to live near marinas in Thailand?


  • The eastern part of Phuket is an ideal place for mooring a ship.
  • With all the limited offers, it is quite possible to find the right property by the sea.
  • The real estate market in Thailand is developing based on the demand of buyers, so the number of residential complexes on the coast is growing every year.

It is important to bear in mind that the value of housing stock is dynamic and varies depending on consumer demand and the economic situation in the country. Therefore, it is advisable to study the catalogues of ads before buying foreign real estate.

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