Will there be a revision of the increase in electricity tariffs?

Will there be a revision of the increase in electricity tariffs?

The Thai Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Trade have called on the government to reconsider the increase in electricity tariffs. This will affect businesses, hotels and other facilities with a higher level of electricity consumption.

The request for consideration of the calculation of the electricity tariff for the commercial sector was submitted after the approval of the tariff for the period from January to April 2023. The new decree fixed the electricity tariff for residential premises at the level of 4.72 baht per unit, for other types, such as factories, hotels, the tariff was adjusted to 5.69 baht per unit.

During the visit of the Prime Minister to the Chamber of Commerce, measures for the care and assistance of ordinary electricity consumers and commercial institutions will be discussed.

On the issue of stimulating the real estate sector, support measures will not be extended, despite the request of the Housing Business Association. The mortgage benefit will cease to be valid on December 31 of this year. The benefit reduced the fee for registration of property and reduced the mortgage interest to 0.01%.

Initially thinking that he would extend the initial clause for another 1 year, and not in accordance with the request of the association, reduce the transfer fee and mortgage to 0.01% for another 1 year and expand the ceiling of housing prices from 3 million baht to 3 -5 million baht, or reduce the first 3 million baht, because it is visible, that the 3 million baht group is the same group and it should have already been sold a lot. If the price increases, it will create new purchasing power and stimulate the market.

From 2023, mortgages will be at least 1%, which is a big burden for home buyers. Because next year the new estimated land price will increase by about 8-10%, which will affect both the fee for registration of property and the land and construction tax, which will be levied at a rate of 15%, this will lead to additional costs for home buyers.

While the Trade Association, a real estate business group, design and construction, the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand believes that the measures taken in the real estate sector are considered insufficient to stimulate the market. Forcing home buyers to have more expenses compared to the original measure. Therefore, there will be no positive factors for real estate business next year. There are only negative factors: including rising interest rates, inflation, household debt. Developers will be forced to organize promotions to encourage buyers to buy housing.

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