The exhibition of innovations in construction NOVA BUILD EXPO will be held in Bangkok

The exhibition of innovations in construction NOVA BUILD EXPO will be held in Bangkok

From September 13 to 15, the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Complex) will host the NOVA BUILD EXPO exhibition dedicated to the new era of construction innovations in Thailand. The purpose of the event is to highlight ideas for improving environmental sustainability with the use of innovative technologies.

According to the organizers, the task of the exhibition is to combine innovations in design and experience in construction, necessary for the implementation of real estate projects. New solutions in the field of architecture, engineering, management and construction technologies will be taken into account to improve the urban environment. Participants will be able to exchange knowledge on the same site, share their construction experience in improving and developing their own projects, talk about how to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, how to improve the efficiency of their work and maximize the return on investment.

The goal of more experienced companies is to instill in a new generation of young professionals an awareness of the importance of an environmentally friendly approach to construction. The events within the framework of the exhibition will be organized in accordance with the lifestyle of the new generation and the participation of people in the life of society. Among the main principles are the following: inspire (Inspired), create creative power (Innovative) and exchange cooperation (Engaged).

As for the trends in Thailand's construction industry in 2023, it is expected that the cost of construction will increase by 1.48 trillion baht. At the same time, the construction of the private sector in 2023 will increase by 6.03 billion baht. 60% of office buildings for rent are currently under development. Approximately 80% of the new office space with an area of more than 1.67 million m2, which will be completed in the next 4-5 years, will receive “green” certificates.

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