The best real estate projects in Thailand in 2021

The best real estate projects in Thailand in 2021

The winners of Dot Property Thailand Awards 2021 were announced.

The best luxury residential complex and the best New Villa project

This year, SC Asset received two awards in the categories of projects, the focus of which was the industry's leading housing complexes. The amazing Grand Bangkok Boulevard East Rama 9

received an award in the nomination «Best Luxury Housing Project», and Bangkok's Don Muang — Chengwatana Boulevard was awarded «Best New Villa Project».

These two awards are proof of SC Asset's ambition to become the number one brand in the field of luxury housing construction in Thailand. It continues to launch high-quality projects equipped with modern living solutions that meet the needs of homeowners.

The best luxury condominium in Bangkok

For the second year in a row, Raimon Land project wins the nomination «Best Luxury Condominium». Last year it was Estelle. This year, the impressive Tait 12, a 40-storey elegant condominium located in the heart of Sathorn, was recognized. The complex meets the needs of modern residents who need places to work and receive guests in addition to living space.

The best luxury condominium on the East Coast

Aroma Wongmat from the developer Colors Development is a new benchmark of luxury living on the East Coast. The condominium has reimagined the residential experience, becoming a masterpiece suitable for Pattaya's most prestigious location.

As preferences in this part of Thailand change, luxury residences are now more popular than ever before. Aroma Wongamat helps meet this growing demand. The collection of luxury residences on the seashore offers an individual holiday tailored to the most demanding tastes.

The best boutique residential complex of the East Coast

The best real estate projects in Thailand in 2021

The Plantation Estates is an exclusive residential complex with high-quality buildings and modern design.

One of the most unique aspects of The Plantation Estates is the right of choice given to homeowners. In order to fulfill its mission to create a boutique, the developer Base Real Estate provides assistance with the selection of furniture and interior design to ensure a uniform style throughout the residential complex.

The best architectural design of a villa on Koh Samui

The design of SantiPura villas was designed by the legendary architect Bodin Sritrakul. The luxurious villas, made in his signature Moon Shadow style, are works of art. Each residence has been designed to not only maximize the sea view, but also provide spacious, comfortable living spaces that offer unparalleled tranquility.

The developer of Centara Villas, LDR Group, was named the best boutique developer on Koh Samui at the Dot Property Thailand Awards ceremony 2021.

The Best urban lifestyle Development in Phuket, The Best Luxury Townhouse in Phuket, The Best New Villa in Phuket

Developer Andaman Asset Solution received three awards for the project, including «Best Luxury Townhouse in Phuket» and «Best Urban Lifestyle Development in Phuket» for The Residence and «Best New Villa in Phuket» for The Victory. Each of these awards testifies to the developer's understanding of Phuket and his willingness to help raise the local real estate market.

The residence provides homeowners with an unsurpassed lifestyle without the drawbacks of city life. Easy access to school, work and leisure guarantees convenience, while a quiet home and a full family life are ensured thanks to an exquisite smart design that offers timeless and unsurpassed comfort.

Andaman Asset Solutions launched The Victory in 2021, aiming to open a new wave of ultra-luxury pool villas in Phuket. This project combines characteristic modern architecture, luxurious finishes and superb craftsmanship that you need to believe in.

The best luxury villa in Phuket

The best real estate projects in Thailand in 2021

Anchan Hills from Pearl Island Property regularly participates in Hot Property Awards, having won in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The project continued to receive applause in 2021, and the last award was the award «Best project of a luxury villa in Phuket».

Anchan Hills Hotel, decorated in a modern Balinese style, has changed the idea of luxury in Phuket. The developer spared no expense to create a truly unique residence. Meanwhile, the architectural design inspires harmony between the interior and exterior space, which embodies the tropical charm of the island.

The best affordable housing project in Hua Hin

The Village by Boontani36 is located amidst the breathtaking scenery of Hua Hin Hill slope, which provides a tranquil backdrop for the residents. Two distinctive features of The Village are comfort and convenience. An example of this is the fact that several plot sizes and villa styles are available to choose from. In addition, modern technologies are used in apartments and public spaces. All this is provided at an affordable price, which means that people can enjoy a magnificent home without much expense.

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