Five real estate support factors in 2022

Five real estate support factors in 2022

According to the Real Estate Information Agency in Thailand (REIC), Thai real estate will recover in 2022. Five key factors were the reason:

  1. Government incentives – such as measures to reduce transfer fees and real estate mortgage fees for ฿3,000,000 or less by the end of 2022;
  2. GDP growth by 3-4% - due to increased purchasing power in the country;
  3. Low rates of infection with Omicron – statistics show that Omicron in Thailand is not as severe as the previous strain;
  4. Gradual recovery of interest from foreign buyers – domestic mortgage interest rates are still low;

Housing prices remain stable, as purchasing activity in 2021 was low, and potential buyers were in no hurry to decide whether to buy a new property or postpone it.

Although the market is weakened, the trend is positive, which means the recovery will be slow but confident.

Chaiyan Chakarakul, executive director of a major developer in Thailand Lalil Property, said that despite Covid-19, a new type of epidemic, and global inflation, the Thai economy would grow by 3-4% in 2022. As for the real estate sector, its growth compared to the previous year will increase by at least 10%. 

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