Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency

Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency

If you have been considering moving to another country or buying property abroad, then naturally the question of which country to choose would have arisen. In this article, we’ll discuss the five main reasons why you should pay attention to the Kingdom of Thailand.

In 2022, Thailand entered the top ten most popular countries for foreigners to move to. And the InterNations service published the results of a survey among immigrants who evaluated their countries of residence. The survey also ranked Thailand among the top 10 countries for ex-pats to live in. What attracts people to this country?


The climate

Talking about the benefits of living in Thailand, one cannot neglect to mention the climate. During cold winters, we always dream of a warm southern sun. In the kingdom, the tourist season lasts all year round and the air temperature rarely drops below 25 ºС, which is the reason why Thailand has become a popular destination for winter living, and relocation during the cold season for a temporary stay, for a period of about six months. After winter living, many foreigners fall in love with the country and move for permanent residence. However, not everyone can be comfortable in this hot humid tropical climate, especially the elderly. Expats in Thailand should keep this in mind and not forget to wear sunscreen.

Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency

A wide range of real estate, offering excellent value for money

When deciding to move for permanent residence, one of the most important considerations is the cost of renting or buying local property. In Thailand, you can find property of any kind and for any budget. There are apartments, penthouses, villas, townhouses, and duplexes, as well as other residential options. Local real estate features excellent value for money. For just BHT 3,000,000 ($86,360) you can buy an apartment in a modern condominium or a small house. Condominiums include a wide range of amenities for the residents, such as a communal swimming pool, a gym, coworking space, business meeting rooms, playrooms for children, playgrounds, etc. Cafes, shops, restaurants, and hairdressers are usually located within residential communities.

The luxury real estate sector is also widely represented by villas with sea or mountain views, penthouses in the skyscrapers in Bangkok, and villas in the centre of Bangkok or on the remote beaches of Phuket. The presence of realtors speaking different languages in Thailand plays a significant role. They help to better understand the real estate market of the country.

Minimum restrictions on the purchase of real estate by a foreigner

Thailand has several restrictions on the purchase of property for foreigners, but these are minor and do not have a strong impact on the life of ex-pats in the country. Thus, when buying housing in a high-rise tower, a certain ratio of the share of foreigners to local citizens must be observed. Foreigners can own no more than 49% of all apartments in the facility. When buying a detached house, the land under it cannot be purchased as a property but can be leased for up to 90 years. However, in 2022 this rule was somewhat relaxed in Thailand.

In 2022, a new long-term resident visa for Thailand was introduced, which aims to attract wealthy foreigners to the country. Such a visa is issued after proof of high income or with an investment of more than BHT 10,000,000 ($285,306) in the country's economy (for example, through real estate purchasing). One of the indulgences for visa holders will be permission to purchase one piece of land as a property for personal residence.

Unfortunately, the country does not provide for obtaining a residence permit when buying a property, but the new long-term resident visa is a good alternative to a residence permit.

Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency


Thailand is a safe country. The crime rate here is lower than in many other countries. Bicycles are not secured on the streets. Many locals leave their belongings unattended in public places. Of course, you should not relax completely as there are still cases of theft in the tourist areas.

Comfortable living

Foreigners are attracted by the relaxed lifestyle in Thailand, where a very balanced and comfortable way of life exists. Everything is done for the convenience of a person, and for their peace of mind. The Thais are in no hurry. This can be annoying at first, but once the newcomer becomes accustomed to this pace, they will enjoy a life of harmony.

When it comes to the comfort of foreign families living in Thailand, one cannot fail to take note of the presence of international schools and kindergartens. In places that are popular with foreigners, such as Pattaya, Phuket, and Koh Samui, there are also schools with teachers who speak various widely-spoken languages. Universities have programs taught in English, and diplomas from Thai universities are internationally-recognized.

Medicine in the Kingdom is of a good standard., so there is no need to be afraid of Thai hospitals. Medical tourism sees foreigners from many countries of the world come to Thailand. This sector of the economy is actively developing.

In summary, we highlight the top 5 reasons to choose Thailand for relocating to permanent residence:

  1. The climate;
  2. A wide range of properties, and good value for money;
  3. Minor restrictions when purchasing real estate by foreigners;
  4. Safety;
  5. Comfortable living.

Choosing a country to move to for permanent residence is difficult, but it can be simplified by making a list of important details of your future place of residence. We recommend visiting the countries that you like more than others, live there for a couple of months, and only then decide where exactly to move for permanent residence. It is also better to personally visit several cities / regions in the country. So, for example, in Thailand, different regions differ not only in nature, but also in the style and rhythm of life. In the resort regions, there is the sea, but there are many tourists, prices are too high and there is a lot of activity. At the same time, there is a lot of fun to be had in the centre of the resort towns.

In the north of the country there is no sea, the climate is cooler, and there are mountains. Life is more balanced, and prices are lower, as they are focused on local residents.

Bangkok is a huge and noisy metropolis with advantages and disadvantages. Living in full swing here will involve many hours of traffic jams, the most developed infrastructure in the country, and the best educational and medical institutions.

If you plan to relocate with younger children, one region will suit you best, and if you’re moving with teenagers, you’re likely to choose another region with good educational institutions. Different regions of Thailand may appeal to people with different needs and dispositions.

All these details should be considered when choosing a property to buy or rent.

Top 5 reasons to move to Thailand for permanent residency

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