Villas and houses in Yala

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Buy a villa in Yala, Thailand

Yala is a major provincial capital in southern Thailand. It includes 8 regions with a population of about 500,000 people. The province borders Malaysia and is known for its spectacular natural landscapes despite not being by the sea. The Thailand-Real.Estate portal presents real estate in Thailand including houses and villas in Yala.

Prices for villas and houses

The cost of houses in Yala depends on the location. Real estate located around ​​the central railway station is in high demand. The average prices for houses in dollars, rubles, and euros can be calculated directly in the catalog, and are within USD 100,000. An elite cottage in Yala with a swimming pool near the central part of the city can be purchased for USD 250,000. The more comfortable the accommodation, the higher its cost. Prices for houses in Thailand are dynamic and may change depending on the exchange rate or increased demand. Thus, it is more expedient to specify prices directly before purchase.

Investment in houses in Yala

By law, foreigners have the right to own and dispose of any type of real estate in the kingdom. The only exceptions are land plots; owners of land plots can only be citizens. This does not prevent a foreigner from buying a house in Yala as they would then just need to lease the land long-term. This form of ownership does not impose encumbrances on the subsequent sale since the practice has been established for a long time and is actively used in the country.

Villas in Yala are attractive for foreigners not only as a place to move for permanent residence or a seasonal holiday in a region with a warm climate; investing in villas in Yala brings a steady income and helps keep money from inflating. According to real estate agencies in Thailand investing in the country's housing is profitable:

  • capitalization of the cost of housing is observed annually;
  • the profitability index when renting out real estate is higher in comparison with European countries.

An increasing number of tourists prefer independent rest and choose other regions that are not just located on the seashore. This makes the demand for houses in Yala consistently high.

Houses for sale in Yala

Asia's largest property aggregator presents listings from developers and local agencies. In the catalog, you can choose villas in Yala for investment and permanent residence, as well as houses and apartments in other regions of the kingdom including those with sea views. Specialists are ready to help with the choice and purchase of a house in Yala and prices in rubles, euros, and dollars can be calculated directly on the site.