Apartments and flats for sale in Yala

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Apartments for sale in Yala

If you are looking for apartments in Thailand for permanent residence or vacation, do not know where to start, and a measured and unhurried lifestyle is your priority, you should pay attention to Yala. Here foreigners can buy real estate and enjoy their holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Features of the city

Yala is the administrative center of the province of the same name in the south of the Kingdom of Thailand, bordering Malaysia. This picturesque city is located on the right bank of the Pattani River. The distance from Yala to Bangkok, the Thai capital, is 790 km. Intercity travel is provided by road and rail transport. The nearest international airport is in Pattani.

Yala has a predominantly Chinese population but the majority of residents in the province are Malays. One of the attractions in the city is the Khuhaphimuk rock temple, which has a history of about 1200 years. There is also a picturesque city park with a 24-meter Buddha statue. In addition, there are many beautiful Chinese temples.

This place is not popular with foreigners so there are not many tourists here.

In the vicinity of Yala, you can explore cave temples such as the Kuhapimsak Cave with a 25-meter Buddha statue. Or you can visit the Silla Cave with a wall painting from the XIII century.

Prices of apartments in Yala

Are you planning to buy a property in Thailand? Housing prices in Yala will pleasantly surprise you. The cost of apartments starts from 39,400 euro. Depending on the location and the housing characteristics, the value may differ. You can find out the prices in euros and dollars for the offers in the catalog on Thailand-Real.Estate.

What can you buy in Yala?

There are villas, detached houses, flats and apartments on the market:

  • 1-bedroom apartment – 65,000 euro;
  • 2-bedroom apartment – 93,000 euro;
  • 3-bedroom apartment – 142,000 euro.

You can find the prices in euros and dollars in the catalog on the website.

Investment in apartments in Yala

By law, foreigners can buy housing in any part of Thailand. However, if you are looking for apartments in Yala for investment and permanent residence, in particular for active entrepreneurial activity, you should choose popular tourist places with a stable demand for rented housing. Yala is more suitable for independent and private holidays as there are few tourists here and those who come to the city prefer to stay in hotels.

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You can find luxury apartments in new buildings in Thailand, houses, and villas in popular cities of the Kingdom, detailed descriptions, and affordable prices in the catalog at Thailand-Real.Estate. You can choose a flat in Yala on your own using keywords or use the help of an experienced specialist in the Thailand real estate market. Our agents will help you invest profitably in an apartment in Yala or another city in Thailand.