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Buy a villa in Songkhla

Songkhla is a city located in the southern part of Thailand. It is from its harbor that rubber, tin, coconuts, peanuts, edible bird nests, and seafood are exported to nearby countries. In the city, bordered by the sea on almost all sides, a large number of coconut palms and casuarinas grow. The combination of amazing natural beauty and its serene atmosphere will enchant anyone visiting Songkhla for the first time.

The city is considered a major tourist center. There are two sandy beaches, beautiful green parks, and historical centers. Almost all travelers heading to the busier Hat Yai make a stop in Songkhla. The largest influx of foreigners can be seen in early autumn when locals organize entertainment events in honor of the Chinese Moon Festival. Due to the popularity of this city among tourists, residential areas of Songkhla are in demand in the real estate in the Thailand market.

Prices for villas and houses

You can get acquainted with the average cost of houses in Songkhla and the factors that influence it in the following table:

Lot typeVillaHouseCottage
Area 258 sq m 152 sq m 187 sq m
Number of bedrooms 3 1 2
Number of bathrooms 2 1 2
Swimming pool Yes No Yes
Sea view No Yes Yes
Furnishing Full Partial Full
Average price USD 164,000 USD 76,000 USD 142,000

Investment in houses in Songkhla

Luxury villas in Songkhla are in demand in the Thai real estate market. They are bought both for permanent residence and investment. More and more entertainment is emerging in the city to attract tourists who, in turn, rent local accommodation for the duration of their holidays. Even for foreign entrepreneurs, investing in local housing can promise big rental yields.

Here is why buying a house in Songkhla is a profitable investment for a foreigner:

  • the infrastructure of the city is just beginning to develop, meaning that the influx of tourists will grow noticeably in the coming years;
  • local developers make sure that the property meets all quality standards and is as comfortable as possible (most of the plots come with a pool or sea view);
  • by law, foreigners can buy real estate without Thai citizenship (in a condominium);
  • landlords of Songkhla receive a stable income (about 6-11% per annum).

To see the current prices of houses in Songkhla (in rubles, euros, or dollars), go over to the website catalog. There you can also study information about the sale of apartments in Thailand.

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