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Apartment for sale in Sena

Apartments in Thailand are sold in major cities such as Pattaya and Bangkok but foreigners can buy real estate and settle anywhere in the Kingdom of Thailand, including Sena.

Sena is a small city in the Ayutthaya region of central Thailand. The city is located 65 km north of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. Locals call their city Ban Fang.If you prefer a secluded lifestyle and rest in sparsely populated places, your apartment in Sena will become the island of serenity and peace.

Features of Sena

If you are interested in selling apartments in Thailand for residence or holidays, Sena may appeal to you. The city is divided into 17 subdistricts (tambon) and then subdivided into 132 administrative settlements (muban). Neighboring districts near Sena are Phak Hai, Bang Ban, Lat Bua Luang, and Bang Sai. One of the features of this area is the Noi River along which you can travel to neighboring cities and rice is grown on its banks.

Foreigners coming to Senafind here harmonious and measured lifestyle and experience the Thai flavor. The city is not popular as there are no tourists here. Despite the isolation from urban life, you can experience original traditions and all the cultural and everyday aspects of the life of the indigenous population. Downsizers like Sena.

Vacationers can visit the Buddhist temple in Ayutthaya on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. This is one of the famous temples in Ayutthaya and the main attraction in this area.

In addition, There is a temple not far from the city – Phuket Thong Thai – a 50-meter Buddhist tower in the village of Phuket Thong. Visitors can go up to the observation deck and enjoy the view of the city, river, and rice fields.

Prices for apartments in Sena, Thailand

Apartments in new buildings in Thailand including Sena differ in price depending on the location. As this city is secluded, the cost of apartments in Sena is low. The price of a 1-bedroom apartment is 89,000 euro.

The catalog on Thailand-Real.Estate contains prices in euros and dollars for apartments and other types of real estate in Sena.

Investments in apartments in Sena

Any foreigner can buy real estate in Thailand and use it as a source of passive income. However, not every housing is suitable for these purposes. A combination of factors, including demand and liquidity, affect payback. Foreigners can buy real estate in Sena, as the city is not a popular tourist destination, it is not worth counting on high rates of return. It is better to pay attention to more popular tourist locations, such as Patong or Surin

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