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Property for sale in Sena

Sena is a district in the province of Ayutthaya, located in central Thailand. This solitary place is about 65km north of Bangkok, the capital of the Kingdom. Locals often refer to the district by its alternative name, Ban Phe.

Special district

If you’re looking to buy property in Thailand and are looking for somewhere quiet, this place definitely deserves a good look. The district is divided into 17 subareas (tambons) that are further divided into 132 administrative settlements (mubans). The neighboring districts are Phak Hai, Bang Ban, Bang Sai and Lat Bua. In addition, the river Noye flows through the area.

This area is a remote place but is enriched with genuine Thai flavor. It is not a well-known district, so you will not find many tourists there. However, in Sena, you can experience all the cultural aspects of life and the daily routines of the local population. In particular, it’s a place that would appeal to downshifters who are keen on a simple, well-balanced life. Investing in real estate in Sena means investing in your comfortable life.


Tourists taking a break in here or people passing by can visit the nearest Buddhist Temple in the city of Ayutthaya, on the western coast of the river Chao Phraya, close to Ayutthaya Island. This is one of the most famous of Ayutthaya's temples and one of the main tourist attractions.

Chedi Phukhao Thong is a 50m chedi, or Buddhist temple, in the village of Phukhao Thong, not far from Ayutthaya. Visitors can climb to the upper site where they can take in the views of the surrounding rice fields and city of Ayutthaya.

Property prices in Sena, Thailand

When buying property in Sena for foreigners, villas, detached houses and plots of land to rent or buy are available in here. Sena real estate prices 2022 vary depending on the square meterage of the living space, the location and any of the property’s special features. Thus, buying a 3-bedroom villa with a swimming pool and a plot of land of 800m2 will be €228K.

A two-storey villa with 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, and a swimming pool on a nice plot of land will cost approximately €1,5million. Prices in euros and dollars for buying property in Sena for expats can be found in the catalogue and on the website: Thailand-Real.Estate.

Investment property in Sena

Real estate in Sena can provide an owner with a reliable, passive income. This is especially true when real estate for sale in Sena is located in a popular resort area with good in-flows of tourists.

The district doesn’t have the tourist traffic that the other regions of Thailand do, so investors in Sena and entrepreneurs looking to make a profitable property investment in Sena should turn their attention to some of the more popular places in Thailand.

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Dreaming to purchase a house in Thailand or buy property in Sena, but don’t know where to start? The specialists from Thailand-Real.Estate will find the most suitable bargain properties for sale in Sena based on your needs, preferences and budget. They’ll provide advice on purchasing Thai real estate and making a profitable real estate investment in Sena, as well as offer overall support in the sale and purchase processes that involve dealing with Thai developers and owners. In the catalogue, you’ll find the verified prices, full descriptions and photos of the available properties in the different cities and districts of Thailand that may be of interest to you. Different variants of real estate in Sena from developers and agencies are available on website.